Places to stay in Ballycastle

Our Favourite Spots

Our campsite is ideally located for exploring NI. We are surrounded by the Glens, The Causeway Coast and so much more! This makes us one of the best places to stay near Ballycastle!

Here’s are some of our favourites spots:

Incredible hikes

The Cliffs of Fairhead, Ronan’s Way route, Giants Causeway coastal walk, Knocklayde, Lurig Mountain and many more! There are plenty of walks around to suit all levels and ages.

Stunning beaches

Murlough Bay and Carey Beach are each 10 minutes away. These are 2 of the best beaches in Antrim (In our opinion!). White Park bay is also close by. The farm is just 35 minutes from the famous surfing beaches on the North Coast


Once you have completed our own infamous course. You can make your way to some famous courses. Including Ballycastle, Royal Portrush, Cushendall and Portstewart are all close by

Carey and the Kingdom of Dalriada

Ballyvoy AKA Carey is our home area and village, situated just outside of Ballycastle. We might be biased but we think this is the best area to stay in Northern Ireland with the most beautiful places to see and explore during your stay with us. We have picked some of our favourites to visit during your stay.

places to stay in Ballycastle - Loughreema

Loughreema - The Vanishing lake

One of the top geological features in the UK- this lough of myths and legends is part of Watertop Farm. One day it could be empty, and the next, completely full; it is exciting to guess what state it will be in. We have private tracks from the campsite to explore this magical spot. 

Make sure to ask Patsy or any of the family for some Myths about the lake and what makes it so unique.

Approx 2 minute drive or 1-2hr walk from the campsite 

Fairhead is a giant dolerite cliff that rises 200 metres above the sea. It offers stunning views of Ballycastle and the surrounding area and a great sunset spot.

This is the first Game of Thrones spot to take a trip to during your visit to the campsite. It was included in several scenes of the series. 

Like us the proprietors of the land are farmers which unfortunately means no dogs are allowed at the cliff as they may disturb the animals. It has fishing lakes on hand for you to enjoy.

Approx 10 minutes from Watertop Farm 

Murlough Bay

The Bay itself is located just to the east of Fairhead and offers some stunning views of the cliff and Rathlin Island.

Another ‘Game of Thrones’ location right on our doorstep its a lovely spot to walk around and enjoy the views. You may also spot some deer or seals while here. 

Take it easy on the way down however as the road can be quite narrow and steep for any vehicle.

Approx 20 minutes from Watertop Farm

Torr Head

Torr head is located just north east of the farm and is a beautiful spot to enjoy some ocean views. Look out for stunning views across the Scottish Isles at the top of the hill.

This is another filming location for tv shows and movies. Most recently featured in ‘The Northmen’ where it was converted into a viking settlement. 

Approx 16 minutes from Watertop Farm

Carey (Ballycastle) Beach

The closest beach to the farm is located just beside Ballycastle in the town land of Carey. A nice place to take a stroll or sunbathe should the weather be nice enough for it. 

There are plenty of options to buy an ice cream along the sea front before taking a walk along the beach. You can also go in for a dip or paddleboard, with a bit of luck maybe a swim beside the  pods of dolphins and porpoises who are frequently spotted from the shore.

Approx 6 Minute drive from Watertop Farm

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Ballycastle & Rathlin

Ballycastle is 5 minutes drive away from the farm and campsite. It has loads of shops, bars and cafes for you to enjoy.

Have a look at our list of the top places to eat near the farm.

The island just off the coast of Ballycastle is a stunning little spot for you to enjoy during your trip. The Island around just 140 people but is a unique and beautiful place to visit. Once you get off the ferry you can take a walk along the road and it won’t be long until you spot some seals ‘sunbathing’ along the coastline. 

Once you disembark from the ferry you could hop on the ‘Puffin Bus’ which takes you to the west side of the island. Here you can visit the Puffin Sanctuary and take a look at the Puffins who nest here during the summer months. 

You can walk around the island and also hire bikes while you are there. McCouaig’s Bar offers some food and drinks for you before heading back on the ferry.

Ferry Terminal Approx 10 Minutes from Watertop Farm


We are the perfect place for you to stay when visiting Ballycastle as you can get away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities to enjoy the rural and tranquil feel that the farm provides. 

The town has a great selection of independent shops and eateries and we are only 5-10 minutes away from Ballycastle – perfect for grabbing an Ice cream, having a drink along the sea front and taking a walk along Carey Beach.   

Approx 8 Minutes from Watertop farm

Kinbane castle is situated just outside of Ballycastle and is a lesser known landmark along the coast. 

Not much of the castle remains, and the path down to it is narrow and stepped. You have some great panoramic views of the coastline including Fairhead, Rathlin and some of the Scottish Isles.

Approx 17 minutes from Watertop Farm

Places to stay in Ballycastle

The Nine Glens of Antrim

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) starts from Larne and ends at Ballycastle. If you are coming to us via Larne or Belfast we definitely recommend driving along the coastal route through the glens. Our farm is perfectly situated along the coastal route and is one of the top places to stay when exploring the famous Glens.


Cushendall is a town along the glens coast that sits at the foot of Lurig mountain. This is a great spot to stop off if you are taking a trip along the glens. It has plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and takeaways for you to enjoy.

We have a few suggestions of where to grab a bite to eat here

Approx 17 minutes from Watertop farm


Cushendun is a quiet and small village at the foot of Glendun. This is a nice stop for those who want to have a nice walk along the beach and visit some caves along the way which were used in the filming of ‘Game of Thrones’. Mary McBrides is the local bar and restaurant if you would like to grab something to eat.

There is a great family walk if you decide to explore Glendun called Ronan’s Way. Just five minutes outside of the village! 

Approx 11 minutes from Watertop farm

Known as the Queen of The Glens and probably the most famous of the nine Glens of Antrim, Glenarriff is located just two minutes from Cushendall. The village of Waterfoot sits along the beach. Glenariff is mainly known for its forest park which has many waterfall and great walks that are suitable for all ages. (Still prefer ours though!)

Approx 20 minutes from Watertop farm

Ballintoy & The Giants Causeway

The stretch of road along the coast between Ballycastle and Portrush has many must see spots along the way. Ballintoy is a quaint little village but has plenty for you to do on your way to the Causeway. Being so close to these locations makes us one of the perfect places to stay in Ballycastle with a quiet and subdued feel. 

Here is an idea of the route you could take during your stay with us!

The most popular tourist attraction in the area and Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you haven’t got the chance to visit the Giants causeway yet this is a must do. Situated just outside Bushmills which is a 35 minute drive from the farm. You can park right at the centre or have a look at some of the walks you can do to get to the causeway. 

While you are on your way you can take a much recommend drive along the coast stopping at some other amazing spots mentioned below!

Approx 30 minutes from Watertop farm

Located just above the village of Ballintoy, this trip isn’t for the faint hearted. The bridge itself is suspended almost 100ft above the Atlantic Ocean. You  will be able to enjoy stunning views of the coastline as well as Rathlin Island and on a very clear day even some Scottish isles. If you are really lucky there have been some instances of dolphins, porpoises and even basking sharks swimming below the bridge. A great place to visit during your stay in Ballycastle. 

Approx 20 minutes from Watertop farm

Places to stay in Ballycastle

This cute little harbour has plenty to offer you and is a great spot to stop for a rest on your way to the causeway. Another one of the ‘Game of  Thrones’ spots to tick off the list.

While this is a small harbour there is plenty to keep you busy here. Causeway coast Kayaking operates from here and Ballycastle harbour which gives you the opportunity to kayak along the cliffs and even below the Rope bridge. Make sure to book though! 

If Kayaking isn’t to your liking then make sure to have a walk around while you are there. This is also a great sunset spot!

Be careful of the road down here, can be a very tight squeeze (Especially in a camper)

Approx 25 minutes from Watertop farm